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Property Specifications

Year Built

11, 99 Canal Center 1986
44, 66 Canal Center 1988


W-1 – Waterfront Mixed Use

Building Structures

Reinforced concrete structure supported by a reinforced concrete foundation. 100lb/SF live load on office floors.


Red-colored brick and sand-colored pre-cast concrete panel systems along northern, southern, and western elevations of each building, and aluminum-framed mirror-glass panel systems along the eastern elevations of each building facing the Potomac River.


The typical finished ceiling height is 8′ – 06″. Slab-to-slab height is 10′ – 08″.


All elevators on-site run from the G2 level of the parking garage to the top floor of each building. All elevators travel at 350 feet per minute and have capacity of 3,000 lbs (one elevator in 99 Canal Center has 4,000 lb capacity).

Mechanical System


Each building is served by electric-resistance heaters within central AHUs and electric-resistance re-heaters within perimeter VAV boxes.

Air Conditioning

Each building is served by a central chilled water system featuring two (11 Canal Center has one) R-11 chiller machines; a single Baltimore Air Coil (BAC) forced draft cooling tower; two chilled water circulation pumps; and two condenser water circulation pumps.


Two central AHUs per building (66 Canal Center has one) located within mechanical penthouses. Toilet rooms are served by rooftop exhaust vents.

Electrical System

Service & Metering

Electric power is provided by Dominion Virginia Electric Power Company (VEPCO). Two Westinghouse 4,000-amp, 480/277-volt, 3-phase, 4-wire main switchgears, located within a mechanical room on the G1 level of the parking garage serve 11/99 Canal Center and 44/66 Canal Center.


Copper wiring with circuit breaker overload protection.

Emergency Generator

Two Cummins diesel-fired 350-kW 438 Kva units, located within a mechanical room on the G1 level of the parking garage, serve 11/99 Canal Center and 44/66 Canal Center.


A perimeter access control system (Kastle) is provided by the base building